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A combined weekly planner and garden calendar with enough space for your garden planning and notes. A practical and clear assistant in everyday life to keep an eye on all dates and important events.

With beautiful photographs (black and white) of garden and farm. Marita Sydow Hamann lives a self-sustaining life in Sweden and shows her life on YouTube as "Autark Woman".


PLACE FOR NOTES for ideas, to-do lists, shopping lists, sayings, motivation, sketches etc.


LINED NOTE PAGES for notes, contacts, recipes, ideas, designs etc.


A YEAR AT A GLANCE 2022 and 2023


SOWING PLANNING - monthly list of due sowing.



SEED INFORMATION – seed chard with information of seed depth, distances, germination time, germination temperature


SEASON CALENDAR fruits and vegetables


CLEAR - scheduler for 12 months with 1 week on 2 pages.


PRACTICAL SIZE - The Weekly Planner is slightly larger than DIN A5 (notebook 22.86 x 15.24 cm) So, if necessary, loose A5 note or folded A4 leaves can be put in clean.


GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR FOR OTHERS - ideal for self-use or as a gift for a garden friend.



Appointment Book Calendar 2022 with beautiful cover - the perfect companion in 2022 for family, garden, work and education.


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Focusing on the traditional Swedish “husmanskost” – the typical Swedish traditional food - this little book presents a mouthwatering collection of classic Swedish dishes. Here you get flavours and food native to Sweden, such as fresh dill, horseradish, allspice, juniper berries, fish, elk, salmon and of course also the well-known dishes like “köttbullar” and the typical Swedish “smörgåstårta” (sandwich cake).


AUTARK WOMAN – Marita Sydow Hamann – is an author, artist and video creator. As Autark Woman on YouTube she shows her self-sustaining and slow life on a little farm in Sweden where she grows all her food herself. A simple but happy lifestyle.


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Translatet by Annett Westlake


Do you believe in trolls?
There are a lot of fairytales and stories about trolls, but those are only fairytales and stories. That’s what the adults say.
I say: And there are trolls nevertheless!
They live in the woods in Sweden and Norway, only as big as half a pencil and they are very, very shy.
The troll I want to talk about called Jori,
lives in a small troll village in Småland – in the forest of course.
Jori is five years old and it's his first day of school. There he will learn strange new things, like walking quietly and becoming invisible.

A read aloud story with colorful pictures.
Recommended for children ages 4-8.

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